Nicki LaPorta & Karen Crystal, Compass

Conejo Valley School District

MISSION STATEMENT AND PHILOSOPHY The mission of the Conejo Valley Unified School District is to meet the academic, cultural, social, and individual needs of students in order to prepare them to make a meaningful contribution to a democratic society. The Board of Education believes that the District mission can be best achieved through the uniform application of a standard of higher expectations in all areas for students, district employees, and parents of students. DISTRICT PROFILE The Conejo Valley Unified School District is located 50 miles northwest of Los Angeles and serves a suburban, largely middle to upper middle class community. The student population is drawn from the communities of Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, and Westlake Village. The District's rich history has led to strong traditions working toward a vision of the future. This is a family oriented community with large parent involvement and support. The community is rich with cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic diversity. The Conejo Valley School District is comprised of 20 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, 3 comprehensive high schools, 2 alternative high schools, and an adult school. Visit the LINKS page to link to SCHOOLS!